BS FORWARDING is an international freight forwarder established in 1994 and its influence extends across the main cities in the world.

Thanks to a well-developed network of local branches, the company guarantees a wide range of services related to freight transport. BS FORWARDING team gives special attention to every single detail of your shipment and offers a wide variety of services to meet your requirements about the freight movement.


BS FORWARDING avails itself of the leading airline companies and offers the distinct services of Door to Door, Hand-Carry e IATA/ICAO so that you can find the best solution for your needs.

The close proximity to the main airports and airline Hubs allows BS FORWARDING to propose the rapidity and efficiency typical of the air service.


Thanks to its reliable network, BS FORWARDING is able to manage the shipments from and to the main harbours and the service is personalised on the basis of the customer’s needs. The services include Full Container, Groupage, Hold, Door to Door, Special Equipment and turnkey plant design.

Our company provides all its customers with an effective and exclusive support in the issuance of the documents pursuant to the Letter of Credit and the Consular services, in respect of the best price/time combination.

BS FORWARDING imports from any country and offers a real-time shipment tracking, up-to-date information about the status of your order and the check of all regulations and customs requirements.


BS FORWARDING grants Complete and Groupage loads from and to the main European countries and a safe, precise and on-time dedicated Italy-Europe Express Service. Our network of correspondents ensures a customised service and the fulfillment of every single need.


The services of BS FORWARDING also include rail freight transport and the company suggests intermodal solutions and trains to every European country.


BSFORWARDING helps its customers in customs procedures and deals with the Compilation and the Transmission of INTRASTAT Declarations.



10 January 2020

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